TAMS Journal Index
(Volumes 36 - 50)


Dairy Token Researcher Dies (Melvin Reiter) 50(5)
James J. Curto TAMS #1 (obituary) 33(2)
In Memory of Dottie Dow 1924-2004 44(6)
Hal V. Dunn, TAMS President 1982-1984 46(5)
Steven Middleton Leaves a Lasting Legacy 50(1)
Prominent Coin and Medal Schulptor Dies (Gilroy Roberts) 32(3)
Chris Schenkel: Broadcaster and Collector 45(6)
Arlie Slabaugh - One of TAMS' Best! 47(5)

O’Brien, Michael J.
B.P.O.E. Lodges 31(5)

Holder Gives Directions for Use of "Obstetric Calendar" 37(5)

O’Callaghan, Tim
Fantasy Ford Guard Badges 39(2)
Ford Employee Factory Badges 38(3)
Ford Employee Long Service Awards 39(4)
Ford Motor Tokens: A Follow Up 40(2)
Ford Motor Company Tokens and Medals of Significant Interest 36(1)

The Bliss Medallion: One Hundred Years of Bliss 48(4)
The "DOOD" Error on Dodd & Co. Tokens 47(6)
Medals, Badges, and Tokens of Cleveland's Centennial Celebration 37(1)
MPC Fest Medals Offered 50(2)
Toledo Furnace Company Check Found 34(4)

The Forgotten Token 33(3)
Oklahoma Numismatic Association Medal Honors Indian Tribes 36(1)

Medallion Series to be Issued for 1996 Olympics 36(4)

Attribution of Four Countermarked Tokens from Baker, Oregon 38(1)
Sheridan: CO? IL? OR? 34(6)
"Strike" 48(5)


Partin, Randy
A Consommer Tokens 49(5)
Cracker Jack Presidential Tokens 41(3)
Hoard of Celluloid Tokens Found 41(1)
Order of the Owls 39(5)

Patterson, Gary
The Don't Worry Club 33(5)

(Peabody, George)
The Peabody Testimony (1869 reprint) 35(4)

The Beaver Falls Cutlery Company Counterstamped Half Dollar 34(3)
Brewery Tokens of Western Pennsylvania Cataloged 35(2)
Catalog Offers Interesting Variety of Medals, William H. Warner & Bro., Philadelphia, 1902 39(5)
Collector Issues “Personal” Encased Cent 31(1)
The Communion Tokens of the Second United Presbyterian Church of Allegheny, Pennsylvania 33(3)
Kenrick Tokens 48(5)
Let the Buyer Beware 33(5)
The Meadville, Pennsylvania Civil War Token 39(6)
Pennsylvania and Long Island Railroad Medals for Heroic Service 48(5)
Philadelphia Club Issues Wood Nickel 36(1)
The Shippingport Ferry Token 31(4)
Thirtieth Anniversary Club Medal Struck 32(5)
The Tokens of the Hershey Chocolate Company 40(5)

Perkins, William David
The Day the Indians Came by the Perkins Hotel! 44(3)
Give This Man a Cigar! 40(3)
The J.M. Brunswick & Balke Co. 45(3)
The J.M. Brunswick & Balke Co. 46(1)
A Muling of the E. Perkins, Congress St. Token 42(3)
Tale of Two Tokens: Perkins Hotel and W. Perkins, Jr., Grocer & Provision Dealer 37(4)
The Tokens of Perkins, California 43(2)
Update on William Perkins, Jr. and the Perkins Hotel 42(2)

Peters, Norman G.
A Mystery Solved 36(3)
Service Station Premium Tokens of Buffalo, New York 33(2)
The Tokens of H.H. Frost & Sons, Somerset, New York 41(1)
The Van Andel Museum Center Carousel Token 35(5)

Peterson, Norman G.
Bodega: A New Word Learned While Studying Tokens 34(6)
Bryan Money 37(6)
A Canadian Medal with Early American Ties 32(3)
Darien, Illinois Plastic School Lunch Tokens 37(3)
"Sooting" An Inexpensive Method to Prepare Quality Token Pictures 37(5)
“Sooting” of Tokens Update 38(2)
"Varnish" as Found on Various Types of Exonumia 42(2)
Wisconsin Plastic Saloon Tokens 37(1)

(Pezak, Mike)
Mike Pezak: "Hobo Nickel" Carver 43(4)

Pezak, Mike
Hobo Nickels? The Guys That Carved Them Are All Dead... Aren't They? 44(2)

(Pittman, John J.)
Medal Honors Deceased Numismatist 36(5)

(Pitt-Rivers, A.)
Buried Messages: Barrow Digger's Tokens 32(2)

(Pizza Tokens)
Tokens A La Mozzarella: The Variety of Pizza "good fors" 31(4)

The "Big Lie" Campaign of 1840 32(6)
Down with Taxes! 33(4)
Scandals and Minks: Heads, Tails, and Politically Correct 46(1)
Vote the Land Free: A Recent Discovery Solves the Mystery 49(1)

Popeye Comic Strip Coins 34(2)

Potter, Gary W.
Connecticut Encased Coins 44(4)

Potter, Gary W. and Howard L. Knickerbocker
Connecticut Encased Cents 45(3)
Connecticut Encased Cents 48(3)

Comment on the Article: "Presidential Tokens Issued in Sets" 46(3)
A Conquered Sea: An Illustrated History and Record of the U.S. Presidential Life Saving Medal and Related Awards 31(2)
Cracker Jack Presidential Tokens 41(3)
Official 1993 Clinton Inaugural Medal Struck 33(2)
Presidential Tokens Issued in Sets 46(2)

(Prison Tokens)
An Alcatraz Artifice 33(3)


Rachootin, Sterling A.
The Greatest Moments in My Collecting Career: ANA Conventions 46(1)
Money’s Other Uses 45(3)

Radcliff, Robert R.
Chess Theme in Medallic Art 38(3)
Chess Theme in Medallic Art 41(4)

Radnich, Spencer I., Jr,
The Olden Bucket: "Man at the Well" Medals of the American Temperance Movement 44(5)

50-State Series of Railroading Commemoratives is Launched 34(6)
French Railway Medals 31(1)
"French Railway Medals" Article Corrections 31(5)
A Guatemalan Token (Schlubach Y Cia.) and Its Connection with the Verapaz Railroad (Ferrocarril Verapaz) 33(3)
Let the Buyer Beware 33(5)
Locomotive Depicted on New Medal 33(1)
Pennsylvania and Long Island Railroad Medals for Heroic Service 48(5)

(Ration Tokens)
Allen Co. Wives to Aid OPA Set Food Point Value 43(3)
World War II Ration Tokens: What Do Those Letters Mean? 34(2)

(Real Estate Tokens)
New Book Catalogs Real Estate Tokens 31(6)

(Reed Walter)
Medals of Major Walter Reed 42(3)

(Reiter, Melvin)
Dairy Token Researcher Dies 50(5)

Remick, Jerry
The 1994 Maui Hawaii Trade Dollar 34(3)
1995 Maui, Hawaii Municipal Token 35(3)
The 1996 Maui (Hawaii) Municipal Token 36(2)
A 1997 Hawaii Trade Dollar 37(6), 38(1)
1998 Maui, Hawaii Trade Dollar Issued 38(2)
The 2002 Maui Trade Token 42(4)
The 2004 Maui Trade Dollar 45(1)
Canadian Elks Club Issues Two 1995 Municipal Tokens 35(5)
Dolphins Depicted on New Maui Trade Token 40(2)
Elks Lodges Issues 1997 Municipal Tade Tokens 37(4)
Humpback Whale Depicted on 2001 Maui Trade Token 41(2)
Maui's 2003 Trade Token 43(5)
New Die Available for Making Medals Commemorating Christopher Columbus' 500th Anniversary 32(3)
New Inexpensive Lapel Pin Available 31(3)
Santa Catalina Island Issues Municipal Token 36(3)

(Remick, Jerry)
Die Available for Striking Saint Eligius Medal 33(3)

Ricard, Charles J.
Medals of Mythology 41(4)

Riley, John R.
A Well-Rooted Civic Leader 50(2)
Worlds Collide in Old Shanghai Pre-World War II Token Issues 49(6)

Robert, Leon L.
Medals of Major Walter Reed 42(3)
Yellow Fever Related Exonumia 43(3)

(Roberts, Gilroy)
ANA Travelling Exhibit Features the Work of Gilroy Roberts 35(1)
Gilroy Roberts Exhibit Opens in Florida 38(1)
Prominent Coin and Medal Schulptor Dies (Gilroy Roberts) 32(3)

Roe, Jay
The Ontario Government's 1967 "Precious Metal" Medal 31(6)

(Roosevelt, Franklin D.)
Roosevelt Lucky Tillicums 44(1)

(Roosevelt, Theodore)
Supplement to "Medallic Memorials to Theodore Roosevelt" 36(4)
Teddy Roosevelt Revisited 36(5)

(Rose, Ernestine)
Limited Edition Medal Honors Human Rights Pioneer, Ernestine Rose 34(6)

Rubio, Jose Luis
Uruguayan Esquila Tokens 37(6)
Uruguayan Medal Commemorates Britiish Coronation 38(1)

Rulau, Russell
"Columbiana" Revisited 46(1)
The "DOOD" Error on Dodd & Co. Tokens 47(6)
Embossed or Shell Card Addenda 47(6)
"Embossed or Shell Store Cards" 45(5)
The Mica Card: A Cross Between Embossed and Encased Tokens 46(1)
New Hard Times Token Discovery 45(6)
A "Sandwiched" Hard Times Token 47(1)

(Rulau, Russell)
Personal Medal Marks 50 Years in Numismatics 31(1)

Russell, Paul R.
Hachita Post Exchange Tokens Found 35(4)

Recent Russian-Alaskan Numismatic Links 35(1)
Russian Supreme Monarchist Council Issues Christmas Medal 31(3)
"(Stalin's) Georgia on My Mind" 34(5)

Ryker, Bryan G.
Frederick Earl Fankhauser, "The Penny Man": His Life and Work with Encased Coins, 35(6:2)


(Saloon Tokens)
An Old Ship from the Gold Rush 33(2)
Wisconsin Plastic Saloon Tokens 37(1)

Sanfilippo, Gino

The Mysterious Besse Systems Tokens 38(2)
So-Called Half Dollars 37(1)

(San Martin, General José de)
Medals for a Liberator 50(5)

Saryan, Leon A.
Armenian Embassy Commemorative Medal from Ottawa 38(5)
Armenian Embassy Commemorative Medal Update 39(2)
An Armenian Military Decoration from Mountainous Karabagh 40(4)
An Outstanding Armenian Holocaust Medal 40(3)

Scarinci, Donald
Medals of the 1893 World's Fair 50(1)

Schaub, Terry M.
The Story Behind a Brunswick & Company Maverick 34(3)

(Schenkel, Chris)
Chris Schenkel: Broadcaster and Collector 45(6)

Schenkman, David E.
Admiral Dewey Store Cards and Related Items 49:4(2) Supplement
Book Provides Fascinating Account of Treasure Ship 39(4)
Counterfeit, Restrike and Fantasy Token Update 36(3) through 39(2), 40(1)
Dangerous Spurious Tokens Surface 31(3)
Directory of the Token and Medal Society 36(6:2)
The Gallery Mint and the Genius of Ron Landis 36(2)
Gallery Mint Presentation a Highlight of the ANA Summer Seminar 38(5)
Gallery Mint Strikes Tokens for ANA Summer Seminar 36(5)
Holder Gives Directions for Use of "Obstetric Calendar" 37(5)
Is This A "Bear" Market? 48(4)
A Look At Steamer Tokens 47(2)
Manufacturer's Catalog Provides List of Societies 35(3)
Medal Commemorates New Boeing Aircraft 34(6)
Mike Pezak: "Hobo Nickel" Carver 43(4)
Mortuary Token's Use Explained 46(4)
A Pair of Dangerous Fantasy Military Tokens 31(6)
Those Pesky "LA Stamp" Fantasies 31(4)
Token Mementos of Our National Pastime 38(6)
The Tokens of J. W. Sheerer and Company: A New Attribution 32(2)

Tokens of the Southern Textile Mill Industry 34(5)
Unlisted Embossed Card Surfaces 32(3)

Schimmel, Jerry F.
The Alcatraz Military Tokens 33(3)
The Artifacts of Sing Chong 32(4)
Colorado: The Cowenhoven Tunnel Medallions 40(6)
Frisco's Brothel Tokens: Advertising and Accounting Checks from a Foggy City 43(6)
The Great Roman Revival Fiasco 38(4)
A Hive of Immortality: The Thalia Café 33(5)
An Ignoble Episode at the Cafe Royal 34(3)
More Frisco Brothel Tokens 46(5)
An Old Ship from the Gold Rush 33(2)
One Tough Lady: The Barbary Coast's Maggie Kelly 48(1)
The Parisian Mansion and Sundry Resorts of Ill Repute 34(4)
A Pearl from the Barbary Coast: The Columbia 36(1)
A Tale of Two Thalias, More Frisco Dives 45(2)
Temperance Was Hard to Come by in San Francisco 32(2)

(School Lunch Tokens)
Connors’ Book Earns NTCA Honors 50(4)
Darien, Illinois Plastic School Lunch Tokens 37(3)

Schumacher, Frederick J.
Martin Luther's Katharina von Bora on Medals and Paper 39(3)

Schwan, Fred
MPC Fest Medals Offered 50(2)

(Screwdriver, Pocket)
Better Than a Dime 32(3)

Sebring, Thomas H.
The Doggersbank Medals 38(1)
The Tobago Medals 38(5)
Tradgedy, Heroism, and the
San Francisco Medals 35(2)

(Shell Cards – see Embossed Shell Cards)

California Club’s Medal Commemorates Frigate Constitution 37(2)
The Doggersbank Medals 38(1)
Titanic – The True Stories 38(6)
The Tobago Medals 38(5)

Siegfried, Michael L.
Tokens of Heros Who Fell from the Sky 41(2)

(Sinatra, Frank)
Francis Albert Sinatra Gets a National Medal: You May Not Be Able to Acquire the Duplicate 39(1)

(Slabaugh, Arlie)
Arlie Slabaugh - One of TAMS' Best! 47(5)

Slabaugh, Arlie
Some Unlisted Shellcards 45(5)

Small, Louis W.
World War I Service Medals Issued by Indiana Counties, Cities and Towns 34(4)

Smith, Bruce W.
Chinese Dining Hall Tokens 32(5)
Dating the St. Louis Made Part Incuse Tokens 42(6)
Dating the St. Louis Made Part Incuse Tokens, Part 2 43(1)
The Galt House Tokens 49(2)
Trial Listing of Encased Coins Made by Earl Fankhauser of Ft. Wayne, Indiana 33(5)

Smith, Kenneth E.
Identifying Modern Arcade Amusement Tokens 31(1)

Smith, Pete
Collectors’ Paradise in Bean Town 50(4)
Death of Lanphear in Minnesota 43(5)
Lanphear! 43(6)
A Search for A.W.E 42(5)
A Visit to a Private Mint 45(1)

(So-Called Dollars)
1933 Correspondence Provides Insight into After-Market Availability of Colorado So-Called Dollars 31(3)
Magnificent Medallic Masterpieces of the 1892-93 Columbian Exposition 33(5)
Montana at the Columbian Exposition: A Misclassified So-Called Dollar 47(3)

New Exhibit Added to ANA Web Site 39(2), 39(4)
The Nevada 1876 Centennial Medal and Quartz Mill 46(5)
So-Called Dollar Price Increases for 2007 Over 1978 47(4)

(So-Called Half Dollars)
So-Called Half Dollars 37(1)

(Society for Creative Anachronism)
The Medieval Coins of a Modern Kingdom 32(4)

(Society for Historical Archaeology)
The J.C. Harrington Medal 33(5)

Soeffing, D. Albert
Some Store Card History 32(3)

(Solomon Islands)
World War Two Guadalcanal Commemorative Medal Issued 32(5)

(South Carolina)
The Fort Jackson Commemorative Medal 32(6)
Tokens of the Southern Textile Mill Industry 34(5)

(South Dakota)
South Dakota Token Guide Published 33(3)

Apollo Space Program Medals Cataloged 40(2)
The Most Important Medals of the 21st Century! 47(5)
A Trove of Flight Medals in Ohio 46(3)

Tokens of Spain Cataloged 43(4)

80 Years of Football, World-Style Play 50(2)
All Those Sports "Medallions" 46(1)
Public School Athletic League Sunday World Walking Club Medals 1915-1916 School Year 49(3)
Royal Air Force Sports Medals 47(4)
Sports Medals 38(2)
Sunday World Field Day Medals Of the Public School Athletic League of New York City 48(2)
Young People's Award Medals 35(5)

Stahurski, Terry
Medals, Badges, and Tokens of Cleveland's Centennial Celebration 37(1)

(Steamer Tokens)
A Look At Steamer Tokens 47(2)

(Sticker Dollars, Coins)
Sticker Coins 33(4)
Sticker Dollars 33(1)

(Store Cards)
More Tokens Looking for a Home 47(6)

(Streisand, Barbara)
Tribute to a Legend 38(2)

(Swastika Tokens)
The Don't Worry Club 33(5)

Sweeny, James O.
The MITAD Tokens of Latin America 31(1:2)
MITAD Token Catalog Update 33(3)

An Interesting Swiss Counterstamp 32(5)

Swoger, William
An Introduction to Genealogical Numismatic Research 31(3)