Books for Sale

Over the years TAMS has published many books, some of which are no longer in print. Listed below are those that are currently available. TAMS members receive a discount on all in-print books.  

Arkansas Book

Arkansas Trade Tokens
by Tom H. Robinson 
Illustrated with approximately 900 photos, this 278-page hardbound book is the standard reference. It includes exact descriptions, a rarity guide, 900 photos, and many historical notations.
Price: $32.50.  Member’s price: $26.00. 

Bryan Money Book

Bryan Money
by Fred Schornstein 
Published in 2001, this is the definitive work on political pieces relating to Wm. J. Bryan’s presidential campaigns. It is profusely illustrated and includes complete descriptions and a rarity scale. There are also dozens of period cartoons. The large format, 112-page book is hardbound and has a full color dust jacket. 
Price: $29.95.  Member’s price: $24.00. 

California Book

California Tokens
by Charles V. Kappen 
This 775-page hardbound book is our all time best seller! It is illustrated, and has a price guide for the nearly twenty thousand listings.
Price: $45.00.  Member’s price: $36.00. 

Louisiana Book

Louisiana Trade Tokens
by Louis Crawford and Glyn Farber 
This most recent (2nd) edition includes a wealth of historical information, plus exact descriptions, rarities, and many illustrations. The large format, hardbound book is 558 pages in length. It is the standard reference.
Price: $44.95.  Member’s price: $36.00. 

The Medals of Franklin
by Phil W. Greenslet 
A well illustrated catalog of the medals, tokens, and plaques of Benjamin Franklin. The large format, hardbound book includes exact descriptions and rarities. 232 pages. 
Price: $39.95.  Member’s price: $32.00. 

South Carolina Tokens by Tony Chibbaro 
This standard catalog includes exact descriptions, many historical notations, and over 1300 photographs. The large format, hardbound book is 262 pages in length. 
Price: $49.95.  Member’s price: $39.00. (A specially numbered and autographed edition is available for $75.00.) 

The Tokens, Checks, Metallic Tickets, Passes and Tallies of the British Caribbean by Bob Lyall 
Included in this catalog are over 450 photographs, a wealth of historical data, rarities, index, etc. The 210-page book is hardbound. 
Price: $35.00.  Member’s price: $28.00. (A limited leather bound edition, numbered and autographed, is available for $75.00.) 

Ordering information: Shipping charges are $3.00 per book. Checks should be made payable to The Token and Medal Society and sent to: 

c/o Mark Lighterman
P.O. Box 471518
Lake Monroe, FL 32747